Our leaders are from the front lines of the field and plant floor; each of them has over 30 years of practical experience in leading and managing multiple levels of staff in demanding positions giving them real world, first-hand, hard earned experience dealing with real-life problems while forming their staff into high-performing teams directed to produce results.

As you will see from their bios our leadership group is combined of very successful industry and military leaders. They are not your typical facilitators, cloned speakers prepped to deliver a canned package with pat responses to complex questions. They have led and managed dozens to thousands of employees including union, non-union, military, civilian, volunteer, men, women, all genders, all ages and ethnicities, and summer students representing the entire range of work ethics and competencies.

Industry managers retire with an amazing amount of experience but a varying amount of leadership development. Many first line supervisors in fact are promoted with no, or faux, development and left to sink or swim.

The military cannot afford to do this. By the time a military leader has retired they will have received several years of leadership training. In addition to this, during their career, each member will have provided regular and extensive leadership training to their own subordinate leaders.

As it would be unusual for an industry manager to be seconded to provide leadership training, or for military personnel to have decades of industry experience, we combine the best of both worlds.

When our Leaders speak, they draw on this background and their delivery is extremely compelling. They will teach your Leaders how to develop high performing teams because they've been to Hell and back doing it themselves and have the scars and T-Shirt to prove it.