We custom designed this program to meet the needs that we experienced ourselves decades ago and the needs of a 21st Century leader in industry. Our programs are no-bull and no-fluff. They are working programs for working Leaders presented by retired successful leaders with decades of in-the-saddle Leadership experience.

Your Leaders will steadily be solving real life human work problems with practical learning in our Leadership Performance Labs. Rather than listening to lectures, reading, or viewing a series of mind-numbing power point slides, your leaders will be tested in our Leadership Performance Labs. They'll work through case studies common to your company, mastering their leadership skills through role playing, detailed analysis and constructive feedback.

Using real-life examples, they'll rotate through the roles of leader, subordinate and observer in increasingly complex scenarios. They'll be able to witness the results of their actions in the eyes of their fellow participants and how each decision they make affects those around them. After every Leadership Performance Lab, there will be a detailed debriefing, providing 360° feedback to your Leader from the subordinate, observer, program facilitator and their own insight.

Interspersed throughout the program will be mini-sessions on facial expressions, non-verbal communication, leadership language and image projection, leading from a distance via phone and e-mail, conducting progressive discipline, control vs. empowerment, listening skills, reviewing performance, providing constructive feedback, personal styles, Leading change, overcoming resistance, developing safe, high performance teams, generational and gender issues and other in-your-face issues.

On the last day, they'll meet one-on-one with their facilitator to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, develop a strategy for ongoing improvement of their Leadership skills and plan a one year series of follow-up discussions as we continue to support and mentor them.