Whether times are good, bad or in between, effective leaders are in short supply. You know how difficult it is to hire leadership talent; everyone wants talent and it can take months or even years to measure your decision. The good ones are obvious right away but the others can hide for years. It is a far better investment to develop your own dedicated people to become the future of your organization.

When they do they will give you Superior Leadership, Superior Management and Superior Results

Superior leadership is the difference between a stagnant company and one that excels. When you develop your team leaders to succeed, they will drive your company to success. The skills your people gain in our Industrial Leadership Development program will be immediately applicable and will have a direct positive impact on your profitability. When your employees are well led, they will wear your logo with pride and become your best cheer leaders and recruiters!

We are Centuries of Leadership and our leadership faculty has over 8 centuries of experience; we will build your future leaders for you, teaching them how to lead your people and successfully manage their results. 70% of organizations have no strategic plan in place for their future leadership; you want to be among the few executives who do.

Centuries of Leadership is the leadership and human development arm of Canada Training Group International; we understand that your industry is unique and unlike any other industry in your challenges. Our 5 day program, Industrial Leadership Development, integrates world class Leadership with the gritty reality of your industry.

We will give your leaders the competencies to develop their essential leadership, management, communication and personal skills, enabling them to positively retain and develop your new hires, effectively integrate them into your existing teams and build high performing teams from average workers.