5-Day Industrial Leadership Skills Program

Whether times are good, bad or in between, effective Leaders are in short supply. Wise executives know how difficult it is to hire leadership talent and that it is a much better investment to develop their own dedicated people to become the future of their organization.

We are Centuries of Leadership and our leadership faculty has over 8 centuries of experience; we will build your future Leaders for you, teaching them how to lead your people and successfully manage their results.


  • Differentiate between managing and Leading
  • Communicate effectively one to one, and one to many, with their teams
  • Read and understand their people
  • Boost morale
  • Develop a positive workplace culture
  • Uncover hidden challenges to their Leadership style that may be limiting their success
  • Consider how their actions impact those around them
  • Resolve conflicts with maximum gain and minimum pain
  • Provide coaching, direction and support as needed, both individually and collectively
  • Provide effective feedback and develop their individual team members
  • Make swift, smart decisions
  • Make effective and efficient use of their own and others time
  • Rally their teams to meet deadlines and strive to set records
  • Maintain high safety, quality and cost control standards
  • Improve relationships in their life
  • Create a positive, safe and productive environment with reduced turnover
  • Inspire and motivate their teams to improved results and loyalty to you
  • Be a firm, fair and consistent Role model within your company
  • Run a tight, efficient department
  • Make you money

We Guarantee that your Leaders will graduate with a distinctly measurable improvement in their Leadership and Management competencies leading to a significant Return On Your Investment.

For more details, please download our brochure 5-Day Industrial Leadership.pdf